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SwiftWx v2.6 Sneak Peek
06-25-2006, 10:44 PM
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SwiftWx v2.6 Sneak Peek
Hello All,
This is a copy of a post that Rory had done concerning the next version of SwiftWx. The new version will be v2.6 and should be released soon. He's finishing up the last of the improvements. He ok'd me posting this in order to let everyone see some of the upcoming improvements. It has a 2 week free trial....once he releases v2.6.....give it a try!!! If you have any questions, I'm sure he'd be happy to answer (you can email him from the support link off his homepage or I'd be happy to answer whatever I can.


From Rory----------------------------------

Had a chance to get out and field test the latest features in v2.6, which is just about to be released (within a day or 2).

The setup yesterday 062406 wasn't spectacular, but after this season i'll take what i can get! Plus there were several svr-warned storms passing within 30 minutes of where I lived, so i couldn't ignore that:

[Image: swx26warning.jpg]

I intercepted the storms near Lakeville, then followed them east towards Cannon Falls. The StormPath feature (brought back to life from v1.5) worked exceptionally well:

[Image: swx26stormpathstreets.jpg]

If you haven't seen already, the Position Tracking features in 2.6 have been significantly enhanced, and now support real-time chat, email and website linking, range indicators, and you can even hook up a webcam if you have one. These screenshots are from June 4-5:

[Image: SWX26_Beta_1.jpg]

[Image: SWX26_Beta_4.jpg]

I think we set a new record yesterday as over 60 positions were active at the same time, 8 of which were mobile.

The update is of course free to all v2.x owners and will be posted here when ready:
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