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Progress Report - 2 0 1 1
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Progress Report - 2 0 1 1

[Image: holyshit.jpg]


Fixated on visions of being successful; Terry Tyler continued chasing his childhood dreams and growing as an individual. God provided him with life-taught lessons he needed in order to survive: losing, loving, learning, and above all maintaining.

[Image: 110429_0013.jpg]

The young man faced new and unprecedented challenges never before seen. The loss of loved ones, severe financial hardship, homelessness, helplessness, and almost...
hopelessness. The only chance to maintain was to auction off the instruments he worked years to obtain.

[Image: DSC03115.jpg]

In his mind, each piece of equipment was a piece of the puzzle, a tool. Each tool performs a different task with the ultimate goal of reaching peace, success, and stability. Losing the tools meant failure, failure is something more feared than death.

The spark of hope buried deep inside left that day.

[Image: DSC03063.jpg]

" I stopped caring and started ****ing up - I sold my soul for a bag of dope; I cannibalized my dreampiece by piece."

[Image: DSC02944-1.jpg]

I auctioned off my storm equipment and lost my only ride. Honestly, I didn't expect things to turn out the way they did and I didn't expect to be writing this today. I put a face to these words so you know Im not bullshit. I dont want pity, and I dont give a shit about attention. I want people to know the truth, and as Scott Olsen said - "Follow my rise to Power".

[Image: 110420_0005.jpg]

I knew the chances of being a starter in 2011 without tools were slim at best. I had the skill, but I didnt have shit but a couple cellphones. From a coaches point of view, I saw that point in my career an appropriate time to shut this shit down for my names sake.

[Image: ScreenHunter_28May270320.jpg]

I felt attempting to make big plays first quarter going in raw dog was disrespectful and would show fans I was falling off instead of matching the bullshit hype I talked late 2010. After 6 years, if I spent first quarter 2011 as a bench-warmer - I didn't need to chase storms because it would embarrass me.

[Image: ScreenHunter_20May270303.jpg]

but thats a pussies attitude and daddy aint leave no *****

[Image: ScreenHunter_38May270333.jpg]

God has blessed me with heart and a rare passion - It would be disrespectful to let something Ive spent my life on pass without trying to flex something.

[Image: ScreenHunter_05May270234.jpg]

Working with ghetto *** shit is very familiar to me - Its how I began and I dont mind going back to my roots if the forecast calls for it. Working from the bottom to the top makes each score twice as rewarding. The fact %95 of your name-brand chasers began halfway to the top just makes me hungry. With that said, lets eat - You are here reading this shit, so you must have been watching the game play out. If you havent, you must have been asleep or not paying attention. Believe me when I say,
I am going to walk on 2011 whether im broke or not - No Radar, No GPS, No Cameras.

[Image: ScreenHunter_07May270237.jpg]

[Image: ScreenHunter_22May270306.jpg]
momma i luv you

[Image: ScreenHunter_01May270227.jpg]

now watch me score 100

[Image: ScreenHunter_37May270332.jpg]

[Image: DSC03624.jpg]
Tornado Warned storm Southeast of Centerville, MS
[Image: DSC03648.jpg]

shootin like hollywood mane, straight up John Woo shit, pistol grippin 2 phones in each hand riding into the tornado !

[Image: 04271453.jpg]

Keep an eye out for more storms !

[Image: ScreenHunter_40May270334.jpg]

may get cell video up, ive got shit so intense i would be sitting in a subdivision right now if i had my FX7. multi-vortex tornado so close you can touch it, you can see even on cell phone quality the vortexes shredding trees to twigs and bark and 6 inch tree limbs beating into the side of the car. i botched the video, but idc i aint doin this for money - just for fun and to prove these fools i aint lying when i say i go hard
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Progress Report - 2 0 1 1
A Recap from earlier this February for those who missed.[url=""]

Quote:After a life of struggle and over 6 years in the industry - It's time to give me mine. I am too skilled and been doing this too long to not be seeing fat checks. This Storm Season; My studio will be producing the hottest HD storm footage available anywhere. If it ain't got bowling alleys flying through the air or bodys smacking into buildings - It aint come from my studio. These are big words to match


I got a [b]big ego and an even [b]bigger ball sack to square that statement head on. I wont fold up or turn ***** when the shit hits the fan. [b]I promise to quit chasing cold turkey if my material dont match the hype. I dont want to hurt feelings or bruise egos when I say this .

But; Finances Aside - [b]I truly believe that I am the best chaser alive. I am able to fluently commentate the game like John Madden - Simply because [b]I PLAY in the game like John Madden. The thing is; [b]I play to win [i]and I PLAY HARD.

[b]You dont send a kitty cat to do the work of a Doberman. You dont send Joe Chaser to do the work of Terry Tyler.
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07-20-2013, 12:07 AM
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Progress Report - 2 0 1 1
Ii'm sorry this shit is dope. Has anyone looked at this ? I'm not trying to toot my own horn but toot toot...
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