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12-31-2008, 06:28 PM
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Why was the Ceasefire offered?
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The IDF has specific confirmation, according to my best and absolutely accurate source Aaron Klein, WND, that Hamas has Chinese/Iran made rockets that can reach Tel Aviv. Those rockets are a major strategic threat. The IDF must move before they can be fired. It is imaginable, though not confirmed, that the IDF was offering the ceasefire because it has information that Hamas is moving to deploy and use the long-range rockets. Also, Hamas is badly damaged. There is reason to believe Hamas is in a panic. The best information twelve hours ago was that the Israeli Cabinet has made the decision that the IDF is to destroy Hamas's military capabilities. Every building, every weapons cache, every bunker and tunnel are on the target list. Also, military leaders are on the target list. The IDF is said to be going for the kill. To this end, Egypt is now openly cooperating with the IDF plans. Egypt President H. Mubarak has now announced that Egypt will not reopen the Gaza border crossings until and if the PA (Fatah) take control of the checkpoints. This is impossible in the present regime in GAza. It means that Hamas would have been destroyed. It is a warning to Hamas that the Egyptian Army may soon get involved on the border. Repeat, the Egyptian Army may soon get involved. No mobilization yet, but Aaron Klein reports that all Egyptian Army leaves are cancelled. On standby. Hamas can see the hammer and forge, the IDF and the Egyptian Army. Hamas flight is not possible if the Egyptians close and defend the border. And standing and fighting IDF ground action is not rational, especially since the air strikes are now decapitating the Hamas military structure.

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