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New Orelans is a city of complete idiots.. im not going there anytime soon
05-22-2006, 08:57 AM
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New Orelans is a city of complete idiots.. im not going there anytime soon
ladybug Wrote:Nagin did not make or let people walk to the superdome. There were busses provided at many locations in the city to pick up citzens and drop them off at the supderdome. BTW didn't you see the traffic jam of people driving to the superdome the minute it opened it. Many of these people could have driven out of town but choose to stay, either because they figured it was a false alarm, they did not want to spend their money on evacuating and they feel the government owes it to them.

Most of the people who stayed behind had the mentality that the government should take care of them because they are taken care of already with their welfare, food stamps, medical cards, WIC, etc. You could see the people standing in line waiting for the dome to open and rarely did you see them have any supplies with them. They expected to have everything handed to them on a silver platter. Most didn't seem to be carrying anything including extra clothes.

Nagin announced Saturday that he would be calling for a MANDATORY evaucation on Sunday morning, but had to get legal issues in places prior to making the official announcement. He had urged residents to leave prior to this. If you see a mack truck is headed straight to your house does someone have to force you to leave or tell you to leave. What did they think it would be like in the dome as party. A MAJOR hurricane was headed to New Orleans with predications to do just what it did.

As of Friday morning the storm was not predicted to hit New Orleans. Do you think he can just put people on a bus without having places setup ready to accept them. Even if there was plan as to where they wuold bring the people they need more then 24 hours to pull it all together. New Orleans is filled will uneducated criminals. I just wonder who in their right mind would want the job of driving these idiots out of town. Can you imagine guns being fired on the bus while you are driving?

Since when is it the Mayor's responsiblity to get people out of town. I believe Nagin screwed up on many levels as did the Governor who was responsible for some of the slow response from the feds. There are procedures that needed to be followed to receive help from the feds and she failed to impliment these in a timely manner. You cannot just say "give me everything you got" and expect the feds to give you what you need. The reason there are procedures is due to the democracy our country is ran under. A state is just not automatically taken over by the feds when there is a disaster.
You're wrong on a number of counts.You need to read The Great Deluge,a top selling book out now that chronicles Saturday before to Saturday after.The mayor caused more problems with this than anyone else.He DID NOT say he WOULD call for a mandatory evacuation on Sat...he hemmed and hawed and said he was talking to lawyers about it,when it was clear it should have been done even before Saturday.He has blood on his hands that can't be washed off by misinformation.This stuff is all documented,what he did and didn't do. Also,let some white mayor say God means somewhere to be a vanilla city and see what kind of chance he has to not just get elected,but to not be villified by every media outlet going.Nagin sucks!/whip
Fri morning the storm WAS heading for New Orleans, it was in the cone of possible landfall.It did get stronger after that,but to say it wasn't heading that way is just wrong. Read the facts.Why you try to defend him doing nothing,and yes it IS his responsibility to force people out.You need to read how people stayed in their slums because they said Nagin hadn't told them they had to leave so it couldn't be that bad.....jeez...then after the storm he hid on top of the hotel by the Superdome,the Hyatt and wouldn't even come down to see the situation or talk with people.He even evacuated to the roof because he was afraid the angry people were coming after him.He blew it every change he had,before,during and after this disaster.
I'm not saying everyperson that could and knew to leave did...there were lots of cases of stupidity,but others didn't know the real danger and Nagin was more concerned about being sued by hotels,etc.if the storm didn't hit after he called for mandtory evacuation...he put dollars over lives
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