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Information on the weather
07-23-2013, 02:26 AM
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Information on the weather
It is the way to get rich ! There really is nothing like it. You know how bad it gets sometimes out here. It's the difference between worrying, and knowing what's going on in a scary day. You're out there on the highway. Your moneys good. You've saved up for a few months for the day. Go out, Eat good, experience the open road and loud music. Your iPhone or laptop, you have access to all the tools of the day, like a nurse for example. She has her vital signs similar to ours : blood pressure numbers, pulse, heartrate to see how her patient is doing. We have our vital signs : 0-storm relative winds, dewpoint, and CAPE values to show how the storm relative environment is doing. Very similar to some people in life, who they are and how well they perform in life is dependent on the environment. What storm mode, direction, potential intensity, and every other indication on what the real threat is, is easily read like a persons vital signs in the ER.

Like she would use a sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, or blood sugar levels for tools to assess a patients condition. We have a diverse tool kit : numerical models, sounding data, and surface observations among others. You have an easy to read national or regional map with the colors beautifully displayed. You choose the value and simply see how atmosphere is doing. All you have to do is know what the value norms are and what aspect of the storm it effects; then you can see what's what. For example; summer time storms don't ever really make tornadoes because they have no shear. They might have an intense updraft, but with no shear, they blow up and go away with no balls. It is the speed and direction of the shear, moisture, and cloud base level that depends what it looks like, the shape, speed, heading, and intensity. If the environment does not have the intensity, all the parameters can come together, but the magnitude of the severe weather is as strong as it permits.

For example, a cloud is rising in winds from 0-6km(kilometers) blowing 40kt : 40kt (40knots) is about 47mph. The mean reading is usually read at the "steering level" or 500mb (millibar) level, 15,000ft. The direction and speed of the wind current blowing at that level control which direction, how fast, and maximun intensity a potential storm will have shear wise when coupled with CAPE, and the dewpoint. CAPE is just a fancy word for how strong the updraft is. CAPE numbers are directly relative to the max updraft velocity. A simple equation can be done to convert the cape number into m/s2, which can be further be converted into mph. That is vanity, but it's neat to see. Some storms updraft can be 240+mph ! They get big, billowy, and tall clouds. They're called cumulonimbus clouds. The prefix, cumulo describes the cumulus base family and the suffix describes numbus : any number of clouds producing precipitation. You got different kinds of storms too.

You have your Linear Type Storms. There are squall lines : organized, broken, or ariel. There are MCC's, or Mesoscale Convective Complexes. They are organized complexes of rain and storms that covers several states, has certain structure, and cloud shield temperture. MCS's, or Mesoscale Convective Systems. They are an organized complex of thunderstorms and rain larger than just a random cluster of storms but smaller than a MCC. MCV's, or Mesoscale Convective Vortexes occur when a vort max formes with an already established MCC or MCV. The MCV was a small low-pressure center which creats its own spin, shear and intensity. Then you have derechos, which can be serial or progressive. They are unusually powerful and organized squall lines in possession of a rear-inflow jet. The speed of the rear inflow notch depends on how intense the squall line will be. The winds from the mid-level are drug to the surface by the downdraft which force feeds the updraft as it blows out. 80mph rear inflow jet; 80mph straight line winds. 130mph rear inflow jet; 130mph straight line winds - so on and so forth.

Then you have the supercells. All they are is a storm with a rotating updraft. Most of the time, they are discreet. You will find one all by itself. It isnt a line, it isnt a cluster. It is simply one cloud by itself. Sometimes the one storm can live for 18-24hours or more while other single cell storms or clusters break apart in 30mins to a few hours. They also produce over p of significant severe weather (70+mph winds, 2in hail, and or strong to violent tornadoes). They only can form maybe a few times in a year and sometimes arent the one you want. They can take crazy shapes and have stunning structure. I'm talking about spiraling bands, black and purple bases, white and grey disks for an updraft. I have seen some that even a layman could see and understand what was what. All storms are the same. Just updraft and downdraft.

Then - You hit the highway ass they form and ride for the best storms. With the shit you're using, you'll be in the area a storm will hit an hour or better before it arrives. Find a good open spot, keep watching for it, make sure your GPS location is where you want to be relative to the storm and what direction so you know exactly what you're looking at. When it comes in; check it out. Assess whether or not it has or looks like it can produce a tornado. Sometimes it's like picking up a hooker. All you have to go on is the girls looks on your radar. You don't know what's under the skirt. Sometimes you may reach under there and feel a warm sweet pussy...And other times you get a big hard dick. And, yes - You can get seriously fucked if you make a mistake and get caught in a bad spot before you can really see whats what.

Damn, well that's enough to be a thesis statement on the subject, LOL. However that's just the tip of the iceberg. You have to find the storm, film it, and sell it. If it's not carnage - It's not selling; especially in this day in age. You want bowling alleys flying through the air and bodies smacking into the sides of buildings. That's what paves your way. It's what builds your career, popularity, success, and income in that market. You kick ass, make good storms constantly, can talk the talk - You are in there like booty hair. You live sweet, you get sponsors, people suck your dick. You run up on the right shit, you're a hero. People love you and want to help you out. You got a reputation to start non-profit groups, get 501 c (3) licensure to solicit donations and get grants as a science. Then you make money and are set. You do your little thing in the public eye, then get tied up with mutual funds, IRA's, and other investments. Let your shit grow up for 5 or 10 years and then just drink, smoke, and own your own home. You'll be set. Videos always to make money any time they're used. Stocks stuffed. Banks bringing home the bacon on interest. Pizzas and blow jobs for ever and ever - Amen.
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