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06-27-2013, 04:11 PM
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All three were great! Here’s one:

John gets sentenced to 10 years at Angola and is freaking out about his upcoming jail time. He remembers a friend, Larry, who recently was released after serving 5 years at the same prison and calls him to ask him about prison life.

Larry says, “Oh, jail life is great!” “Look, do you like great food?”
“Yes” says John
“Great, every Monday the Warden sends in some of the best Chefs in the country to teach you how to cook, then you get to eat everything that he makes!”

Larry asks, “Do you like to exercise?”
“Yes” says John
“Great, every Tuesday the Warden sends in some of the best exercise gurus in the world”, “You’ll need that exercise to shed some of those pounds eating such good food!”

Larry asks, “Do you like art?”
“I do!” John says, getting excited
“Great, every Wednesday the Warden brings in some of the most accomplished painters and sculptors in the world to teach you how to be more artistic!”

Larry asks, “Are you gay?”
“Um, no” says John
“Oh” says Larry, “You’re not going to like Thursdays then”

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