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06-14-2012, 05:18 AM
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ROLLTIDE Wrote:from Crownweather

Roll when I'm looking for weather I've got my favorites.

For years when I'm logged on [to HCW] I DON'T see any advertising or a big Paypal Widget.

Most of the 50+ websites I go to do have an Amazon Ad, a Paypal Widget, and their own Logo Shop mugs, baseball caps, other gadgets, and Books

So [in jest] when are we going to see "The HardcoreWeather Book"...

On a serious note I have no Idea who Stormpulse is, I don't have any intention of paying $30 or $300.....

.........please....get an Amazon partner agreement or whatever the best available, and turn it on!

"Two riders were approaching, the winds began to howl"
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