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IPHONE Weather Apps review ?
05-16-2011, 05:55 AM
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IPHONE Weather Apps review ?
I did a blog on this not to long ago you can find my blog on Iphone Weather apps at but if your like me your too lazy to copy the link in haha so I coppied it for ya Smile

Here are some apps I use for Severe Weather

Radar Scope ($9.99) - Radar Scope is a pretty cool little app. It provides real time radar to you with overlay Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado warnings. Tap on the warning it will give you how many minutes it expires, tapping on the arror beside it will give you the text. Pretty sweet app.

OneTeam ($3.99) – This is a chat program you can use. I have it rigged up and tailored to chat to NWS on NWS Chat (NOTE: you have to have an account and be with Emergency Mangament or a Ham EOC Coordinar, or a “real” storm spotter. NWS chat is not for the public. Once you have an account set up you can check out for more information on how to configure One team for NWS chat with your ipohne.

IDAMAGE ($1.99) – This app is pretty cool, it will alert you if 1) hail size (when and where) 2) Wind gusts (and where it was) and if there is any damage 3) tornado. (where it was spotted, who spotted it, and if there was any damage) it also will give you a Severe Forecast directy from Storm Prediction Center. This app will also do Push notifications for different user defined regions that you can create. Cool thing about this app is you can go back in time and see past dates of hail, tornado’s and wind damage.

Weather Alert ($1.99) – This is a pretty handy app to have it will alert you any warnings in a particualr county that you pick out. You type your zip code and choose what warnings you can, and pick one of 5 sounds and your good to go. The one thing I don’t like about it is you can’t do more than one county with it.

Weather Alert USA ($3.99) – This application can be pretty useful, you can add unlimited cities in the “Forecasts and Alerts” section and see all the current conditions in one page, tap on the city, it will give you more information like forecast, radar, satelite, Temprature graph, and more. Cool thing about this app is you can also add unlimited counties to the warning list (bad thing is, on the Push notification it doesnt tell you what county it is) but still pretty useful, another dislike I have about this app is I always have to refresh it to get update warnings.

IMapWeather Radio ($9.99) - This is also a handy app to have, you pick upto 5 counties and this app will alert you if any warnings are in that area by a push notification. But thats not all it will do, it will read the alert to you by an audibile voice (“National Weather Service issuing a Tornado Warning for Whatever county until what ever time). Pretty cool app, you also have the option to listen to weather radio. It also has a radar within the application.

These are just some apps I got for Sever Weather.

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