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Central Florida - virgo10 - 09-23-2008 07:09 AM

aaroads Wrote:Ended up with some light rain later this afternoon, but earlier we did have one vivid lightning strike off to the south.

Same here. It did get pretty intense around 4:30 though. The sky was alive to the point that I grabbed my weather radio just to make sure all those moving clouds weren't going to do anything nasty.

When it was all over, all we ended up with was some rain and a few rumbles of thunder way off in the distance.

Central Florida - Alex - 09-23-2008 12:56 PM

Decent wind-driven rain falling at the moment!

Central Florida - virgo10 - 09-24-2008 06:35 AM

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's 72 and breezy this morning. I've got all my windows open! /bgsmile

Central Florida - The Bug - 09-25-2008 08:29 PM

It's finally feeling like FALL!!!!! The past two days have been amazing in teh mornings!

Central Florida - Windwatcher - 09-25-2008 09:23 PM

Nice here in Louisiana, too. Cooler and drier...what a nice change.

Central Florida - ocala - 09-27-2008 05:34 PM

It was 57 last night and Thursday morning up here.
I actually uttered a word I haven't said in a while.
I know it sounds crazy but I'm just not used to it yet.

Central Florida - Alex - 09-28-2008 10:20 PM

Just got back to Orlando from Pensacola today and much to my surprise, it was raining. The rain was not widespread, with a moderate patch over Winter Garden and none over Ocoee. I had to go to Casselberry tonight and low and behold I hit heavy downpours over Forest City and Altamonte Springs. Even noted about 5 flashes of lightning.

It was so hit and miss though, that after driving through heavy rain at State Road 434, it was completely dry at Eatonville. Same thing happened later at the house. State Road 438 was completely wet, yet at the house it was just sprinkling slightly.

I'm glad to be out of the love-bug infested Gulf Coast region FWIW! No rain nor clouds up there, just tons and tons of fragile insects...

Central Florida - virgo10 - 09-30-2008 06:54 PM

Tonight in central Florida. :smile:

[Image: 336750693.jpg]

After last night's rain, today was mostly cloudy until around 4 p.m. Now it's looking like we'll get a repeat of last week's cooler and drier weather. At least for a couple of days.

Central Florida - Alex - 10-01-2008 10:07 AM

We netted just a little light rain two mornings ago before sunrise, but otherwise nothing. So much for the 70% chances of rain touted at one point. I was very disappointed /carybaby

Central Florida - ocala - 10-01-2008 11:14 AM

Know what you mean about the rain. Last September I had over 16 inches.
This year just 2.29, and most of that came right the beginning of the month.
A really nice cell just missed me to the south last night. Got 0.5 from it.
Looks like we may be in for a dry period. Already seeing fire weather in the forecasts.