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Weird Pattern - Jason234 - 11-14-2004 01:32 PM

There are short-wave length's next to very board wave-length's hence the symbolisim to exterme sorts of weather. Once the features combine or weaken to a degree, they boarden which moderates the weather somewhat. Until this happens there will be rex-blocks forming all over the place, making the weather sunny, windy and cold or cloudy, warm and rainy; polar oppisites. Once the wave-length's boarden, winter will arrive in the east and stay, just like that of 2002. With this jet-stream undercutting north america and numerous cut-off lows, very specific geographic areas' will recieve snow, those are known as moutains and this could be one of the best-ski years on record...maybe not the best but up there! Tis' hard to tell when the wave-length's will boarden, it may happen just all at once or may be a gradual process, but the first step would be to flatten the flow, respectively as always. Step 2 will to get some cut-off low in the united states that shoots down from Canada, with some cold air with it, and get a big ridge to build in the west and a big trof to build in the east. Step 3 would to continue the flow or the jet into the features, so that cold advection is allowed in the ridge and warm advection is allowed in the trof. After this happens and the ridge and trof sticks around long enough it will create a mean flow toward it will inturn make it semi self-sustaining. This will allow weather to be presistent, but I doubt this will happen to the mangitude I think, probably to a lesser extent is much more likely...