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Tornado warned - Alexandria, LA April 19, 2015 - Joe-Nathan - 04-20-2015 07:38 AM

Yesterday afternoon and evening got busy with several Severe T-Storm warning and a couple Tornado warnings in central and north Louisiana. The video was shot from north and south of Alexandria, LA as the stormed moved southeasterly after making a right turn. We got into a little hail up near Boyce.

Mamatus from my Grandmother's home south of Colfax, LA - this main part of the storm was about 20 west of this location. So you can see the anvil reached way east of storm:

[Image: 20150419_184435_zpskmnmpvni.jpg]

A couple of shots from the Boyce, LA exit along I-49 north of Alexandria, LA:

[Image: 20150419_191801_zpsoygn6vvi.jpg]

[Image: 20150419_191812_zpslut0rxvo.jpg]

Mothership structure and lots of lightning from Airport road exit on I-49 on the northside of Alexandria, LA:

[Image: 20150419_195005_zpsaq4lml50.jpg]

A snapshot of the wallcloud shot from the Woodworth, LA exit on I-49 about 6 miles south of Alexandria, LA:

[Image: 20150419_200804_zpscjxluczt.jpg]

Here is the short video: