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Mid-evening Post - Jason234 - 01-12-2005 08:06 PM

Most of the modeling seems to have reached a consenus albeit a model or two. Ridiging seems like it will take hold for a while after cold front passes through the Northeast, could see a percip. change depending on the speed of the front, also depeding on if the bulk of QPF will be before the front or post-frontal, right now a pretty hefty squall line forming, modeling is running a muck...so plan accordingly. Also wave formation could occur and enhance post-frontal precip with easterly flow, wouldn't be surprised to see a couple inches by Natucket Cape Cod region. In the long range...ridging takes hold at the surface and aloft, preventing any significant warm-ups, and after that a rather strong cold front plows through the mid-atlantic, Great Lakes, NE region and could drop significant snow with the ground temp so low and the heights suffice to see snow, would be a sight for sore eyes. After that trof drops down and holds ground for a while in the east, but to the end we see the ren-entering of the southern stream and, and some blocking over the poles develop, and with this up and coming negaitive NAO- it could be a Feb. for the record books. Remember it's a winter of exterme swings...which was outlined in my global warming theory.