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Longranger - Jason234 - 11-25-2004 11:08 AM

A recent glance at the asian models showed the ridge over Japan leaving and a board trof taking it's place. 264 hours out, the short-wave long-wave thing was resolved, indicative to the pattern in USA resolving too. The next storm that we do get will be a phaser, a cut-off will get into the SE, maybe even the gulf and once again ride up the coast. I feel, that with the teleconnection pattern the way it will be, that the sub-tropical ridge will be further back - allowing the storm to really dig in. I also feel, that the next cold outbreak will be record setting, the air has been really building up. In conclusion, I thinking of a storm on the east coast by December 5th but that might be too early. The storm might be giving parts of interior new england snow, and maybe even some coastal cities...to early to say. The models will be taking or re-curving the storm, much to early but then as time proggresses it will move more toward the coast. Nonetheless something to think about, on your Thanksgiving Day!