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virgo10 Wrote:Current conditions just east of Lakeland.

We just on the very edge of that. I'm happy to say we haven't even gotten a drop of rain! :biggrin:

Virgo, very nice photos. You need to post those up in the Photo/Video section.
Bleech. We're under a cell right now that keeps reinventing itself. My back porch is leaking! /thumbsdow
We had some wicked cloud build up with the seabreeze yesterday. Checked radar and a strong line of thunderstorms were heading right for us. Took some good shots of the clouds, but as soon as it got close it started falling apart on the northern edge which would have hit us. Melbourne and Palm Bay got a little of the heavy stuff but most of it just dissentigrated. When Im told I can post pics on the thread I will. For now they are in my profile album "Storms".
This was the start of the rain last Sunday.
I'm surrounded by tree's so I had to get on my roof to get this.
Got a fairly decent thunderstorm this afternoon, got some good pics of the clouds coming in. Still waiting for the really heavy stuff to hit but I guess thats a couple more weeks ahead. Pics from today are in my album.
Expecting some good storms here on the coast this afternoon/eve. I wasn't home last night to get pics or video of lightning over the ocean but should get some good stuff
Very disappointing day storm wise. All the heavy stuff went south of me. I need a good live stream to watch....LOL
Yesterday was my first day without rain in 10 days.
ocala Wrote:Yesterday was my first day without rain in 10 days.

We've had at least some rain every day for the past 18. This is really getting old.
Same here, we went 11 days with rain. But the Gulf is heating up for sure because the mugginess is building and you can feel it today with the wind off the Gulf.

We'll either get some rain this morning which will push inland quickly or we'll remain dry today.
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