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These storms are something to behold when they get going down here.

[Image: May2009042.jpg]
Nice pics Chessie!
Looks like the real deal there.
Unfortunately they missed us again but sooner or later a storm has to come this way.
In the Ocala paper today they were talking with the mets at the NWS in Jville.
They said this is indeed the start of the rainy season.
3 weeks early but it's here. Thats strange because I can't remember it ever starting in the first week of May. Heck there were times it didn't start till mid June.
I'm sure glad it's here though.
As dark as this storm was, it didn't put down too much rain, at least here. We had just .30" but someplaces around here had 1-2 inches.

I wondered if it was correct to say the start of the rainy has started because it is early and the Gulf temps have reached that magical number of 84° (that's what the Tampa mets use to determine when things are ready to crank). Right now our Gulf temp is 81°, so maybe I'm splitting hairs.

Some more good news, weekend forecasts are forecasting a developing low pressure to move up from the tropics over Florida starting Sunday through Monday. Some body is going to get a lot of rain. I would say South Florida for sure and they need it...they're in a worse drought situation than here in Hernando. Hopefully all of us will get in on the rain and my grass is actually greening up.
Great photos Chessie. This is what it looked like here.

[Image: storma5-14-09600x450.jpg]

Our town in between Lakeland and Winter Haven hit the jackpot yesterday with more than 3 inches of rain. Everything is turning green again!
I figure the best way for me to get rain is leave the area.
So, I'm heading over to Ormond Beach for a weekend of fishing.
Alright skies, open up. I'm outta here.
Friday's storm of the day.

[Image: stormb5-15-09600x450.jpg]

[Image: storma5-15-09600x450.jpg]

It's great getting rain every afternoon! Lakeland, the next town over from us, has gotten 10 inches of it in the past 3 days. /thumbup
As you posted that, here at Spring Hill at 6:20 p.m., I can see the clouds from those storms from here, but it's been dry and unless these energize the sea-breeze we'll probably stay dry today.

Good chances of rain early next week.
Virgo, here are the storms that are distance to my house.

The first pic is the one toward Plant City-Lakeland.

The second pic is toward New Port Richey, Holiday, Tarpon Springs.

The third pic is back toward Plant City

[Image: May2009051.jpg]

[Image: May2009052.jpg]

[Image: May2009053.jpg]
Chessie, it's cool seeing those clouds from a different angle. They were really beautiful.

Right now it finally starting to clear up to our north. I'd guesstimate we picked up another 1/2 inch of rain at least.
What a difference 24 hours make. Last night at this time no rain.
As of now 2.86.
Real nice storm went through last night that dropped 2.25. Add in todays rain of .61 and there you go.
NWS is talking about a very wet week but I'll wait until I actually see it.
With the front in the area it will stay mostly cloudy which will inhibit thunderstorm activity which means mostly light to moderate rains.
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