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I do not miss the La Nina induced drought in central Florida. Granted we have not had much rain in northwest Florida the past few months, but we did receive some consistent rain last weekend. This week has some showers/storm chances on several days, but I see that none of those chances extend to either Orlando or St. Pete throughout the week.
yeah i was just reading TBO and i think that the only county in the Tampa Bay area with no fire is Pinellas. Tampa Bay Water's huge resivior is dried up. SO send some of that rain to us
Actually getting RAIN here today. Don't know where it came from but I'll take it.
.30 and counting.
we got .37 inches here first masurable rain since March 1st not enough to do anything though
.47 from this storm.
Area's to the north of me received almost 2 inches. I can't complain though.
.30 on Monday and yesterdays rain made this a good week./thumbup
Chance of rain starting Tuesday through Friday.
We'll see what happens.
Man, some impressive storms firing up this evening. If I didn't know any better I would have thought this was July.
Luckily one passed over me and got a very quick .32.
Rest of the week looks pretty good for rain. I hope everyone is at least getting some.
We had some pretty good rain here this afternoon as well. The majority of the lightning was away from us but Brighthouse must have been in the way because we lost our cable for about 5 minutes and the lights for about 5 seconds.

This is how it looked as it moved off to our east.

[Image: storma3-31-09600x450.jpg]

Let the summer begin! /bana
All showers and storms were east of us in Polk County over to Orlando.

Here it was cloudy early, but very muggy after sunset on warm south winds.

We had only .55" on Sunday and no rain today. We finished March under 1 inch for the whole month.
over here in plant city were running a 30-40 percent chance the next 5 days. Hopefully we are kicking into that summer pattern
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