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ocala Wrote:Know what you mean about the rain. Last September I had over 16 inches.
This year just 2.29, and most of that came right the beginning of the month.
A really nice cell just missed me to the south last night. Got 0.5 from it.
Looks like we may be in for a dry period. Already seeing fire weather in the forecasts.

Ugg! I don't even want to think about that. I saw the words heavy fog this morning and was reminded of that terrible chain reaction car crash from earlier this year. It happened just a few miles from where I live. I went down to Fantasy of Flight one day and took some pictures of the cars and trucks that had been involved. It was a very sobering experience. :icon_cry:

[Image: 297724157.jpg]

[Image: 297724153.jpg]

I-4 was closed for several days.
[Image: 297724160.jpg]

Not my photo This gives you an idea of just how horrible this incident was. It happened on January 9, 2008.

[Image: 0109crs2.jpg]
yeah, that accident was horrible.

It has been nice. Today I got Madison from school and it was only 89 degrees...vs. 90 something. The breeze has been amazing too.
I moved from St. Pete to Orlando right after that. I remember driving that stretch of Interstate 4 in the few days after it opened while moving and smelling the ash in the air. An 800 feet section of Interstate 4 was melted from the intense heat of the fire too...
Dayum Chessie. .15 for September?
That's sick.
We were back up with the heat this afternoon...but the evening was nice.
Despite some chances of rain and partly to mostly cloudy skies all day, nary a drop of rain around. Grass is brown again, just ... like ... that ...
aaroads Wrote:Despite some chances of rain and partly to mostly cloudy skies all day, nary a drop of rain around. Grass is brown again, just ... like ... that ...

Tell me about it. We've had only .15" of rain since August 28th and .37" since August 24. August 24th was the last time we had a good rainfall, the rest of this stuff has been light.

We are basically going to need some sort of weak tropical system to come in now and give us some rain since normally November and December can be dry.

Not setting up to be a good spring fire season if this holds out up here. And typically April and May are drier than November and December.
Ok, I'm gonna whine here, but all of that rain around today, and we only get a few sprinkles! The grass everywhere is browning nicely...
Some distance thunder at the moment, but the storm shield in full effect. Two batches of rain today and yesterday moved toward me, but completely disintegrated before reaching me. All of this activity today is moving west.
We had thunderstorms all around us at 4 p.m. or so. We did get some heavy rain from that but the best news is that's it's now just a nice steady rain and that's been going on for at least 2 hours. Not heavy stuff that will just run off, this is really soaking into the grass and plants.

Good stuff! :icon_tup:
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