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Very dark skies on the way home through Lake County tonight off to the west. From what I gathered, the west coast hogged most of the action, with precip moving from east to west. When I lived in St. Pete, we always had the best storms when they moved in from the east...
Great thunderstorm in progress right now!!!!!!!!
We got a lot of rain last night. We were actually in Polk County and when we got home ... the roads were dry but there was about a half inch of water sitting in everyone's lawn...the puddles were full, etc. I haven't heard yet,...but I'm curious how much rain we actually got here for the rain to have still been sitting in the yards.
Another decent storm just rolled by, the first one we've directly gotten since the one late Friday afternoon. I know with the rain falling on Friday, the side yard at one point had over two inches of water on it. Of course, with the sandy soil it percolated quickly, but still, two inches at one point!

Tonight's storm came in from the northwest and gave us several nice rumbles of thunder and bright flashes of lightning. Not so much heavy rain this time, at least what I gather from watching it through the patio screen.
We got some rain on Saturday night, but not like they got just south of me in Pasco in the Rt. 19 corridor from Bayonet to Tarpon Springs.

Friends of mine on the east side of Lake Tarpon received 2 1/2 inches of rain Saturday night. Several places in New Port Richey to Bayonet Point received 3-4 inches in about 2-3 hour period.

We got some more rain tonight (Sunday night), but not that much. Again most of the storm action was to my west by 1-2 miles on Rt. 19. It was neat to watch the storm over there and nearby to the south and east the stars were out in clear skies. Only in Florida.

Most of the storms near me on Sunday were in Citrus County from 7-10 p.m. where they sat and then the boundary moved down here.
We got more rain yesterday. At my mom's house she got three inches Saturday. I left yesterday before finding out how much rain she got. She has gotten 8 inches in the past week though (with Saturday's rain). The lake is up to the first step on the dock. Our canal which feeds into that lake is up to to our boat house. There is a water dump somewhere feeding into other lakes....it must be working overtime to catch up with the lake levels. I mean, in April when we moved here...you were almost unable to get a boat down the canal...and now, I think it would be OVER my head if I were to get in (but don't count on that).
Bug that's great to hear your lake is coming up.
Man you sure get a lot rain down there. 8 inches last week plus that gully washer of 5 inches you said you got. That's more rain then I've got in the last 4 months.
Yeah...I promise you no joke. Look it up. We got rain this morning around noon...and nothing since. But it was pretty dark off to the East - it just never got over us (around 4ish).

I was outside earlier and was literally watching the canal moving towards the lake....I'll take a picture later and show how high up to the boat house it is.
The lake off Colonial near here still looks as low as it did just before rainy season, but I have not looked in a week, and we've had some decent rain lately.

Today in DeLand we a really good cluster of storms with lots of lightning and loud crashes of thunder. The power even flickered once (enough to knock out my computer who's battery back-up failed). Heavy rain too, which kept on as light rain all the way til quitting time.

I noted a vivid bolt from the blue (well after the main storm left) at around 5:15. The strike was a vivid light blue and hit behind the tree line of U.S. 92, about a half mile to my south.
OMG...would the rain stop already??

I have no clue how much we got yesterday...but two hours after the storm passed the grass was STILL under water. The canal is now inching up to the top of our wall...which scares the crap out of me.

But, to add more drama to the rain and severe weather - I went in Madison's room during the storm to look at the canal and noticed that her ceiling was coming in ... with water. ugh. I turned the fans on - soaked up the (new) carpet and made my calls....I'm up early waiting for someone to come out and look at it.

The roof was replaced after the hurricanes...we'll see.
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