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Finally got some rain yesterday. .20 was the total. At least now my dead grass shines.:smile:
Mine is nice and green. I do water some, but not for over a week and it's rained enough to green it up. But if don't get some more it brown back up.

But they're calling for 50%-60% through Friday. We'll see, didn't get anything today and nothing really formed near me either.
Just got back from Clay County and Jacksonville over the last two days where I did run into some spotty rain showers. On the way down, I drove to St. Augustine, where you could see the sea breeze had blown through hours before, leaving bright blue skies and nudda drop to be scene. When I got into DeLand from Florida 11, I hit what was left of a rain shower. It dissipated as I entered northeastern Lake County, as did the shower that was trying to develop to the south. From what I could tell, there was little rain here in Orange over the weekend, but the house did pick up three thunderstorms during the week, including a bonus 2 am storm one night. All but the late night storm happened when I was working in Volusia, which got nailed with one heavy downpour and another brief thundershower.

Waiting to see if it will do something today. The short term forecast hints as slow moving sea breeze fronts colliding over Lake County. That's close to me now, but probably still too far to do much here.

Our grass is still brown with green patches of freshly growing weeds. Nice eh?
Brief thunderstorm at 3 pm today. Some heavy rain and gusty winds, even a few rumbles of thunder. I want more, but this will have to suffice!
I finally received 1.39 last Friday. Wohooo!!
Tap has since shut off again but the lawn is showing signs of life.
I may have to water a little to try and keep the "greening" process ongoing.
A whole lot of storms coming by but they either die out or go in another direction.
I think I may have to get on my roof and paint a big X up there so the clouds know where to drop their load. Smile
We've been getting some great rain. Day before yesterday was awesome.

We are getting sprinkles right now. Got some rain last night too.
From watching radar trends the past couple of weeks the same area's keep getting rain. Most noticeably the I-75 corridor all along the west coast. Especially western Marion County. Generally, that area has received about 8-10 inches.
Heavy thunderstorms formed right along the back-way we head home this evening (FL 44, CR 437, FL 46, Plymouth-Sorrento Road, etc.). There was one point where the backside of the storm came through, and the sun was shining weirdly through a rainshaft.

Also had a heavy rain storm this morning in DeLand.

This week has had a bunch of storms, in both west Orlando and DeLand. All of the dead grass has disintegrated and now the yard is a patchwork of green and weeds and dirt.
We hit it on our way home through Sebring tonight...VERY hard rain - much needed as Lake Jackson is drying up - and fast.
Two days in a row, bypassed by clusters of storms to the north and south. My storm shield is working wonders this weekend!
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