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I was in Iowa/Illinois over Memorial Day Weekend, but asked people at home and one friend said he got some rain in Altamonte Springs, but here, we got nothing.

Thus far, nothing since Memorial Day either, though there was a light coating of water on the road north of here on the way to work on Wednesday.
[FONT="Arial Narrow"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="2"][SIZE="3"]Some folks this evening got some rain in the eastern part of Hernando County on a line that extended from Gainsville to Tampa area as the west and east coast sea breezes collided.

If you were lucky to get under these storms you got 1-2 inches of rain, the rest of us admired the lightning show.

But this is the tell-tale signs that we are moving to the rainy season (albiet very slowly this year) and all we need are the upper levels to get moist and we'll start seeing numerous showers and thunderstorms across Florida. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
Chessie that line you were talking about was 2 miles away from me. 2 stinkin miles!! I was just praying it could nudge a little bit east but it wasn't meant to be. GRRR. Good light show though.
Your right about the rainy season. There is a chance everyday this week so hopefully we'll all start to join in the fun.
I know what you mean about close storms.

Today we had none near us at all.

But usually this is how things get going around here, interior sections get the storms first and eventually the sea breeze isn't as strong and then we start getting them here.

Although some sections in eastern Citrus and Levy County got hammered today around 2 p.m.

My lawn would love rain for sure.
This weeks storms hit DeLand, south of DeLand, north of DeLand, and west of Deland. The storm west of DeLand dissipated while new storms formed east of Orlando. Here at the house, just a few drops of rain on Wednesday night and again as the beginning of the westward moving squall line tonight. Lawn is dead...
#dStop the rain in the upper midwest and start the rain in central Florida!!!
Same here Alex. If you go a couple miles in any direction everything is green. It's funny, going down my street the only green you can see is where everyone's septic tank/drain field is. I'll second that lawn is dead.
Maybe this week. I hope.
It was very hot here on Friday and when the east coast breeze hit the sea breeze here it clouded up and thundered, but the rain fell 1 mile from us :flammer:

Today nothing formed near us at all.
Alright Chessie. I'm getting a little tired of your little blue notations in your thread saying how much rain you've got.
Try lying a little bit next time. Ya know, put a 0 there just to make me feel better.
We actually had some rain Sunday, Monday and early this morning around 1 p.m. (not much, but enough to wake me up).

I like the blue lines on my reports, but they've been few and far between so far.

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