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Welcome rain this morning here as scattered showers and thunderstorms came ashore from 7 a.m. to late morning.

Apparently this boundary has set up a little farther north than they forecasted, but the rain appears to be winding down, but hey better than nothing.
I was stuck at work in southern volusia today, where we had some sprinkles briefly, but nothing else. However I looked on radar and saw a band of rain over Orange and Seminole. On the bright, sunny, and dry drive back, I noticed some rain puddles for the time in forever...
[FONT="Verdana"]Now 50% of rain for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for here. Hopefully that will pan out and we'll get a lot of rain, sure will help.[/FONT]
We got some GREAT rain yesterday...

a few sprinkles today..nothing that stayed on the ground.
Still super dry and caught an orange sun today at work with the fire near Paisley in Lake County. Very strong winds today, and is it just me or has it been windy for 4 straight weeks now?
it has been very windy. I even noticed that. I was more worried about the wind with all the fires nearby. We have a huge woody area behind our house and even though a canal separates us...I'm so scared of a fire starting back there and the wind carrying it over our way.

Everything around us is dead/brown...it is so depressing!
Well, every Monday when I water my lawn in the evening, it is windy and I have a hard time spraying the area I want.

That's been going on it seems forever.
Didn't get the much needed rain this past week. Three storm came by and I got .09,.09, and .11. I swear if I was a couple miles north or south I would had a bunch. Area's around me got a lot but I wasn't so lucky.
Same here, although not many close by got as much either, but over on the eastern part of the county in a few isolated spots there was decent rainfall.

We only had .10" total after many were forecasting 1-2 maybe 3 inches of rain.

The problem was the wind off the gulf in the morning moves all convection inland and if we don't get it in the morning, we won't get any. Such was the case this time.
We got some good rain...I just have no clue how much. My mom is across the lake and she keeps track but I forgot to ask her.
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