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Consistent rainfall this weekend including several embedded thunderstorms.
0.58 inches of rainfall yesterday,
0.75 inches recorded so far today

Pretty good when the average monthly rainfall is 2.42 inches.
We had rain last night for a couple of hours. Started today after 11:30 a.m. Off and on showers/thunderstorms and nice rain. Gettin' close to the monthly average. We had .70" coming into today and at least 1.20" today, if not more. I haven't checked for my official post yet.

Pasco County had much heavier rain than we and a lot of low line flooding.
So much rain fell at Lake Mary over the weekend that three of the offices at work were water logged[b].

0.76 inches of rain fell there yesterday and
[/b]1.46 inches on Saturday!
This weather stinks. Nothing but sunshine everydaySad
Just think, we have another month and a half of this crap.
I know, but we did have about a 5 minute heavy shower this morning at 4:25 a.m. It actually woke me up from raining so hard, but then quit. I wish we had another hour of that rainfall. Grass is starting to dry up, but I did run water tonight on it.
We drove through a summertime downpour near Ft. Pierce on the way northward from Boca Raton to Orlando last Sunday. It was the only rain producing cloud in a sea of cumulus clouds. I also saw a rainshaft south of downtown Orlando on Wednesday night, but we only netted a few sprinkles at Lake Mary and nothing here in Orlando.

I'm weary of this dry pattern too...
It's still 2 days out but NWS is forecasting a 50% chance of rain on Monday.
The squall line I saw yesterday afternoon virtually disintegrated by the time it moved here. Orlando Airport netted 0.02 inches, so thats 0.09 inches since 04-06. Grass is good and brown here now...
Same here Alex. I got .02. I knew it was too good to be true. Grass is still mostly green but it's not looking healthy. Probably by next week it will mostly brown.
Bone dry now for a month. All grass here has not grown in over three weeks. Slight chance of showers tomorrow, but I'm not expecting anything. 0.09 inches since April 6...
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