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Officially 35 deg this morning in Orlando with very little frost due to the low dewpoints, which was a good thing because I didn't even covered my mango tree after staying up until 1 AM to make sure temps were not going to go below 32, looks like to be the 4th year in a row without freeze here in Orlando. This Sunday night's temp should not be any colder than what they were this morning with a more moderating NE wind toward the morning.
Daily high temperatures consistently in the 80s are back and this season is living up to its reputation as dry. We had a great thunderstorm on 02-12 and one minor one earlier this month. One weekend we even had a bunch of northeastern style with highs only in the 60s and consistent cloud cover.

Now April is knocking at the door, and its the dryest month on average. Last April 9 we had an amazing thunderstorm, and it turned out to be the only storm or rain of consequence until June 1 , the start of the rainy season...
Smoke saturated the skies throughout most of central and west central Florida this morning. Smoke remains in the forecast for this evening, though the strong northerly winds have helped gut out the atmosphere with cooler air.

Partly cloudy. Areas of smoke and reduced visibilities this evening. Lows in the mid 60s near the coast and in the upper 50s inland. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.
Rainy season has been put off for the immediate coast a few more days, the forecast only hints at a chance of thunderstorms for our area this week, with the majority of the overall low % devoted to the inland. Last year Tampa only netted 62 thunder days versus the normal 100. So far this year has followed last year with regards to rainfall, though we did not have a 44-day drought or anything that prolonged like 2006...
Two full weeks into "rainy season" and just four days of rain, two of which were associated with T.S. Barry.
Yawn...this is great sleeping weather. The distant rumbling of thunder....and no sun in sight!

[quote=katiebuglj]Yawn...this is great sleeping weather. The distant rumbling of thunder....and no sun in sight!

Send some my way. My yard is dead and we hardly had any rain this past week when they forecasted heavy rain just about every day, where I am we only had maybe .35".

Our biggest rain this year has been from T.S. Barry with 2.26", the most rain for one day since then has been a half an inch.
We had a HORRIBLE storm here today.

When I was driving down K-Ville Avenue in Winter Haven, a funnel cloud appeared about ten car lengths in front of me. It never touched ground....that I saw - actually scared me a little.

Anyway...we had hail, lightning and about 3" of rain. I finally got home and this is the calm AFTER the storm....
funnel cloud one day and hail storm the next...

We were driving back on SR 70 from Ft. Pierce to Lake Placid to see my mom and we hit a horrible hail storm. Rain was so blinding that traffic literally came to a complete stop.

Some dings and chipped paint - but nothing really bad to report as damage on the truck.
Had an evening thunderstorm last night that moved in from the east. Six loud crashes of thunder here in St. Pete and about a good 30 minutes of moderate rainfall. It's always a good thing when storms move in from the east, as the seabreeze isn't a factor in pushing them away. This rainy season has been less than stellar with only two separate weeks providing a good amount of rain. Our chances are down to 20% for the rest of the week now...
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