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Dryest March ever on record in Tampa with just a trace of rain recorded! Next month's climatological average is 1.67", the dryest month of the year, so here's to the desert of central Florida!
Same here in the Orlando area, officially may end up with just .02", we were supposed to have a little over 3" of rain. The good news that looking at long range forecasts we may have at least a weak early summer pattern of afternoon showers set up this year, to start sometime around in the second week of April, hopefully, because I am planning to put new grass down on my yard later on next month.
we are SUPER dry here....I know lakes like Crooked Lake in Babson Park needs it but...others like the one behind me - DON'T!
Final Tampa precipitation summary for March 2006:

Month-to-date precip. T " (actual)
2.84 " (average)
3.32 (2005) "
It's in the record books now.
Spring Hill broke the record with 0.00" of rain for the month of March. Last measurable rainfall occurred on February 26th when 0.40" fell.

The average for March was 3.79". Average for April is 2.85".

1992 held the previous record for lowest amount of rainfall for March when 0.48" fell in 1992.

The records for both April and May are 0.00" and both occurred in 1998. If I remember that was a bad year for wildfires in the state of Florida (didn't live here at the time).

I too am waiting for thunderstorms in summer just to get some action around here.
We have to get to 44 straight days of no rain to tie the record, and today is like day 36. The forecast yields no rain through the weekend, so we might as well stay dry and set history again...
Somebody may actually be lucky enough to see some rain in Central FL early next week, as a front gets near and an upper level disturbance approaches from the west. But so far chances are not that great.
I actually had a dream that it rained last night.....

guess it didn't come true...NO lie though...I really did.
I had a handful of sprinkles hit my windshield on the way to work yesterday. Those were in Pinellas at the south end of the Howard Johnson Bridge. Nothing measurable of course.

Yeah, I was down in Kissimmee yesterday morning and I had a few drops of rain, barely enough to turn on my wipers. Hopefully it will be more than that once Sunday into Tuesday come, because that's when we will have the best chance of rain over the next 10 days, I am not keeping my hopes too high because the GFS has not been too consistent on its runs on when & how much rain we could see in those 3 days before another mid level ridge moves over us & caps the atmosphere once again.
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