Hardcore Weather

Full Version: Central Florida
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yes, it does
Does anyone els live in south/centeral FL?
Yeah, but they're all over at www.flhurricane.com resting up from last year.
It is cool here this morning. Woke up to high 40's and it seems to be warming up a little bit but still cool enough to stay bundled up.

I can't wait for full Spring weather! I love being outside in the sunshine. Smile
WOW, we are getting it right now here in Polk County. Really bad weather outside right now - it is beautiful

I want some bad weather Katie!!
WEll girl, I am sure after about a week of this - I will be tired of it and ready to send it your way!!! Smile
Great and thank ya much...

With a small chance of afternoon showers...

When does Winter come again????
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