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First snowstorm of the season for the northeast at least, very early. November this year is below normal big time, and I'm afraid we might have a snowstorm around Thanksgiving time. We have some very dense cold air in northern Canada region that is in reach of a trof that could be landing in the east. I'm afraid of this because...if the ridge retrogrades enough by Japan it will create a ridge in western Canada, which will force any low pressure over the top and into the cold air. The only variable that will determine if a storm does come in the east is if there is a ridge in the mid-west, which is indicative of the higher then normal pressures in Canada...in layman's terms it's pretty much setting itself up for a storm in the east.
Another thing, temperatures will be above average in places that received snow such as the northern mid-west states. With this mega high anchored in the mid-west, and the warm westerlies as far south as they are, it will create the environment for very warm weather. Unfortunately the northeast will just get barely to the normal line, if not lower, mainly because the source region of the air (arctic). The south (Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi) will be seeing a possibility for heavy rain as usual. With the area of low pressure already in place the gradient will be enormous, in fact sufficient enough to bring moisture from the deep tropics.
The el nino is starting to bud, much like 2002 but it doesn't have much longer until it will be forced to cool down (like ice in a glass of warm water). For all those snow-lovers in the southeast don't worry you're time will come soon, all we need is some cold air and boom thunder snow...This season (for the southeast) it won't be constantly cold but more off and on, at least that' the way I see it. That's all for now, I'll post a new thread if my confidence rises on the possibility of a Thanksgiving snowstorm.
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