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Full Version: Snowstorm For Interior New England
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As I said the pattern favors storms that ride up the coast, with the big ridge in the west and the mean trof in the east. This time, the cut-off low from the short-wave trof that delievered .75 of an inch in San Fran is coming back to get me. With the abundant 850 mb moisture and the very cold artic air behind the short-wave trof, people in interior sections of New England and the southern lake-city towns can except about 6 inches of snow, with higher amounts at higher elevations. Places like NYC and Boston might see some flurries but nothing major yet, this is just the drop of the hat. The next system, will deliever snow in NYC and Boston by the 22 of November...I can say that with confidence (40%). Looks like a snowy winter...I'm sure this puts a simle on some peoples faces.
any snow (even flurries) in Virginia Beach?
please send some my way. I'll pay gladly.
Unless you live in Greenland, nothing significant snow-wise for a while will happen. Keep in mind snowstorms before thanksgiving are rare, reminds me of the Old World.

Where in Europe did you live?
I didn't live there, but my parent did come from a country called Hungry (spelled fanatically) bordering Poland, I frequently visit there...snow's a lot.
Hungary. mmmmmmhhh. I need to get some dinner!
Mmmmmmmmmmmm, dinner.
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