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Full Version: Area's to watch
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I have said this time and time again and I'll say it again, the warm water in the Gulf of Alaska is really going to affect our winter. It is starting to develop a trof, which will build the ridge next to it and with that jet feeding energy to it, a nasty storm will develop. It will then come over the top of the ridge and enter the Gulf of Mexico, and get hooked up with a pre-existing disturbance.

If you watch the models like I do, then you will notice that a higher height field will be present in the east pacific. This will cause lower then normal heights over northern south America, and central America and force something out. With the pre-existing wave, conditions might be just right. The higher then normal height will send some very moist warm air going to the Gulf coast area, which will be awful humid weather. This could mix with the disturbance coming over the top and create a storm.

In another post I mentioned that the Farmers Almanac predicted a very large storm in the east November 6. I don't think it will be November 6 per se but very close to that time. Needless to say, awesome predictions. Maybe some flurries here and there and accumulating snow at night, with the cold arctic air oozing out, but nothing of epic proportions. So that's NOV 8-13 for a storm on the east.
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