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Full Version: Sad news from FL
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4 bodys found on the side of the road...
Yeah i guess there are no cars around or rest stops.
Also two of the four are children
I heard that they were found with the mother holding the children.
god that is a horrific image
The person or persons who did it ought to be put to death.But make them suffer first.
Judging someone... Never thought you had it in you!

I'm messing about the comment, but agree with your statement. What kind of sick twisted soul would do such a thing, and I don't think this was like the 10th plague...
Well yea I have some of it in me.When it comes down to it if someone breaks the law they should be punished.When you have four people shot and there appears to be no good reason for it then I say throw the book at them.Then maybe it depends on the situation.I've never was the type to judge others,but I guess times are changing and it is only getting worse. Some crimes are more severe than others and the punishment should fit the crime,but in some cases people get off too easy.
where did you hear this???

I can't find this story anywhere.
I saw the story on the fox news channel.
Sad and uncalled for to kill little ones liek that..

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