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Full Version: Buffalo, New York Has Record Early Snowfall
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NDG Wrote:BUFFALO, N.Y. At least two feet of snow blanketed parts of the Buffalo area early Friday morning in the season's first snowfall in western New York....

What happened to Global Warming?

GRR..I'm so jealous!!

Global Warming?? Didnt you hear? It doesnt exist...at least not this year.
But I thought global warming was supposed to make it colder?
Now if I could get some of that down here it would make my day.
Global warming is supposed to be the warming of the earth, but towards the winter, since there is more moisture in the air, there should be more arctic blast of cold, stormy weather, the earths way of trying to balance itself out. Imagine a spring that you push and push (showing warming), when you let it go, the more recoil force it has (showing winter-like weather). That is why the actual term SHOULD be Global Climate Change... Damn scare tactics, piss me off!
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