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Full Version: Pittsburgh Mayor dead at 61
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Just came across our local news
Please tell us more.
PITTSBURGH -- Though there has been no official update from doctors in two days, it appears that Mayor Bob O'Connor's medical situation is grave.A medical source told WTAE-TV's news exchange partner, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, that O'Connor's condition had deteriorated on Thursday to the point where doctors were unsure if he can improve enough to resume cancer treatment.
We have ties to Pittsburgh,we can only hope he pulls through.
Now saying he is near death... family and friends by his side... our local stations are already ready to broadcast live on the internet when the announcement is made
that sucks...

That does suck though....I guess Get betters aren't really going to help.
PITTSBURGH -- Mayor Bob O'Connor died today at UPMC Shadyside hospital, where he had been battling a rare form of cancer for nearly two months. He was 61.According to the city charter, City Council President Luke Ravenstahl becomes mayor in the event of death. There has been no word on when a swearing-in ceremony will be held, but at 26, Ravenstah
So sad,we are here one day and perhaps gone the next,you just never know.Our hearts go out to his family.
GOD SPEED Bob O'Connor! So sad indeed!
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