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Full Version: Jen's pics
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[Image: x1pxOYwqu4SjF5X6Gk2ZqTJn_iHABvx_A6zHRo4l...Y17IJi1kCw]
Mt. Rainier
that is pretty awesome.
Thanks. I took that when I lived in Washington state.. July'03. One more for now...

[Image: x1pxOYwqu4SjF5X6Gk2ZqTJn_iHABvx_A6zHRo4l...X52yVwt29w]
First lightning shot.. it's a little blurry.
:You Rock :kewl pic
I believe the first image is a mountian cap (pileus cloud)
Thank ya thank ya..

THe MSN My Space link in my sig is basicaly my photo album, feel free to browse. I update it freq.
[Image: x1pxOYwqu4SjF5X6Gk2ZqTJn_iHABvx_A6zHRo4l...vsfrD3RUuQ]
This one I took a few days ago following a severe air-mass thunderstorm.
I believe the second image is a lightning bolt...thatshitishotis
Ok, that one made me laugh, Phil.

Mammatus clouds are featured in the last image, as you said, following the severe thunderstorm.

Now, how did long did you wait to get that lightning bolt? In my film work, Lightning is the most annoying thing to capture for me, especially with the low luminance rating of a standard mini DV camera.
Jeff, maybe you try too hard?
Jeffery McElroy Wrote:In my film work, Lightning is the most annoying thing to capture for me.

perhaps you should stand in a puddle, holding up a lightning rod, or climb the tallest tree...this way you'll have a better chance at filming a lightning strike! if being out doors is not the way for you to go, then you go indoors, run water from all your faucets, and talk on the phone and computer to your local NWS office...to get frequent updates
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