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Full Version: New and wanted to say hello
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I am new to this site. Found it while I was watching Emily. I am now too weather savy but like to keep informed especially during hurricane season. We are in Corpus Christi, TX and my husband does powerline work.

:welcome: to HCW Smile Have a nice day

Is your screenname correct??? 7 Kiddos??? As in 7 Kids - you are my new hero!

Welcome though! We are glad to have you.
Yep, 7 children. Smile

I have one and seriously, sometimes, don't know if I am doing things the right way. I love kids, but, she definately has proven to me that it is God's will for me to only have one.

I had to take a supplimental insurance out on her just to help pay for the hospital visits....I have a tomboy on my hands.

YOU GO GIRL is all I have to say!!!!
[Image: wel_ani4Tay.gif] to HCW!

Welcome to the big show
welcome to hardcore
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