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Full Version: Threat Net by Baron
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If you have this nice program, how is it?
I'm actually looking into it right now. In the process of e-mailing Cliff from Baron.
I had mobile threat net last season and it sucked !
It sucked?!!? I thought it was THE BEST radar software out there? What sucked about it?
Tell ROLLTIDE what you want under it.
Personally, I have used Mobile Threat Net, FasTrac Millenium and VIPIR and I still prefer programs such as FX-Net and GRLevel3 on the road. Mobile threat net is just like FasTrac in almost every aspect, but GRLevel3 is just as good if not better especially when you have a private feed for the program. Look into it...
weatherman Wrote:Tell ROLLTIDE what you want under it.

he he he he
What's so funny Jason?
at one time, Rolltide had: Jason(234)5678910 "hooked on phonics worked for me."
Did Jason ask for it, or did Rollie just do it?
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