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Full Version: Svr Warned T-Storm St. Martin Ph Mar 18, 2016
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Yesterday we were in a slight risk for severe wx category by the SPC. He had several thunderstorms go severe with lots of hail and strong wind reports. Late in the day (around 6:30pm) I had one go severe about a mile from me. So I shot out the door and head northeast towards Catahoula, LA

Here are a couple clips I posted on Twitter:

https://twitter.com/BostickJM/status/710979148156526598">March 19, 2016

Dime to nickel sized hail:

https://twitter.com/BostickJM/status/710982731748904962">March 19, 2016

And here is a Periscope I did at the western protection levee of the Atchafalayia level (hint listen for the CG strike a few hundred feet behind me):

https://twitter.com/BostickJM/status/710984719114960896">March 19, 2016

And here is a video I put together from the event:


I also streamed the hole thing, but the video quality suck b/c I have not stepped up my chasing game yet.

Thanks for watching
Nice storm but it went poof before it got to me Smile
And now the cold front has pushed it all towards FL peninsula

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