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Full Version: Good Afternoon!
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MunKiE coming out of winter hibernation....... need food and beer
Welcome back.

Winter is truly over when the Munkie comes out of deep hibernation.

Guess all the lightning and thunder finally woke you up.
Who are you ?
don't make me throw poop at you...................
(06-27-2014 12:35 PM)Squirrelmonkey Wrote: [ -> ]don't make me throw poop at you...................
I would like to see you come over and try Tongue
Stretttttch.... Rise and whine peoples!
(07-02-2014 08:13 PM)LSU TIGERS Wrote: [ -> ]Stretttttch.... Rise and whine peoples!
Well now it is going to snow in July!!

The dead are waking from their deep HCW hibernation sleep.
So the Wind is blowing in South Carolina, huh?
Rolltide allowed me back in to pester all of you. I am so grateful!! Have been in isolation the past few months. Things looking better.
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