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Full Version: Catch Me Up On Things, Please!
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How is everyone? Any new kids/grandkids? New jobs? Moves? I have been gone for so long but it looks like the old regulars are still here. With the exception of Kattie's, I miss everyone's friendly banter.
Well where to start:

1) Went 2/3 of the winter with out heat in my 100+ yo house. Finally got new floor furnaces installed in January.
2) Kids are growing and healthy (not sure about my son though - he is a little nuts).
3) Been busy as chit at work. So busy that my Florida Vacation started 40+ min ago and I am still here at work. Guess we will leave in the morning.
4) Got ride of my 13yo Nissan 4x4 Xterra (miss her) and replaced it with a 4x4 Titan truck.
5) did I mention that I am busy as F**K with work?

Mac is still not visiting HCW, but I do get the occational email.
Kattie? hehehe. Not much happening over here. Same job, same wife, same kids. Got a grandbaby on the way! What about you Wind?
Same Sh!t, Different Day, Week, Month, Year, etc..
You didn't miss me. Pookie?????

WOW, I'm going to sulk now, goodbye!
StormRider Wrote:Got a grandbaby on the way!

I thought your kids were like 13?

(And yes, I realize all the Bama people on here are wondering what the problem is?)
Hi Wind my twin!
Life has done a 180 for me....just about everything has changed since the last time we talked.
How are you?
And everybody else??
Hope life is treating you well, Belle, we miss you. Life is exactly the same for me. Just like StormR, same job, same wife, same kids. I think it's pretty cool of StormR to share them the way he does! You know what we need, we need a cane in the Gulf to liven things up in life!
Still here

Just a little less active, Wind
here,quiet till GOM blows up
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