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Full Version: Help with my Davis Vantage Pro 2
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I need help. My temp/hum sensor has gone bad. Called Davis up and a replacement part is $72. Any suggestions? Do I just bite the bullet and buy it. Any and all suggestions would be great!

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Those are parts that don't typically go out. How old is your system and did you fill out the warranty card?
$72 is a lot but a newer system is a lot more. Just might have to bite the bullet on this one.

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Probably 4-5 years old. Live near the coast the salt air seems to corrode everything. Davis is offer a refurbishment of the whole system and recalibrate for $119. I am thinking maybe spend a few extra bucks and have everything in tip top shape. I really don't want to buy a whole new system.
New sys are not cheap. Along the coast will eat everything up. To bad there isn't anything you can cost it with to protect the metal parts.
Good luck.

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