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I write a forecast on my blog every morning for the La Vergne, TN area and I would like to spice it up to a more graphical format (must be able to export to jpeg or PNG). I'm not looking for code to put n a website as wordpress.com won't allow that. Is there software out there that would let me do this with out buying mega $ broadcast tv software?
Would you like to upload weather radar ?
Here are my tips as a person doing presentation weather (WBYD-TV Chief, Exec. Producer, and Hurricane Expert):
GR3 version 2.0
GR 2 ANALYST EDITION-THE BEST OF THE BEST! 3D Imagery, High Res data, just the best!
Map builders:
WeatherStudio 2.0-has bugs, but does a pretty good job!
POWERPOINT-What we use on air....build and export a .png graphic in there!
two friends of mine who build graphics
Hope this helps!
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