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Full Version: WeatherStudio Version 2 Released
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Hello everybody,

After 2.5 years of development, we finally released the second version of WeatherStudio on Friday:


There are many new features and layers, most notably the support of GPS, placefiles, a full automation system (FTP Uploading, etc.), and best of all, a completely new model data system that visualizes and animates NDFD, GFS, NAM, and RUC data. View screenshots here: http://weatherstudio.paulmarv.com/screenshots.html

There's also some information over at the GRLevelxStuff forum here (an old thread, mind you), and here.


Here's an example of the NAM 700mb Vertical Velocity product:
[Image: nam700mbvvel_small2.png]
And another showing the support of placefiles:
[Image: Placefiles2_small.png]

I would love to collect feedback from the community so I can make improvements; bug reports and feature suggestions are always welcomed!

anyway that I could get a copy so I could do a review ?
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