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Full Version: Massive 8.9-magnitude quake hits Japan
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I watched in awe on TV a tsunami flood the city Sendai, a city of 40,000 people.

People were driving on the streets while the tsunami was hitting the city.

[Image: 140_40.gif]
[Image: legend.gif]
Japanese media reporting the city of Kurihara has been completely destroyed, population 77,000+
the quake is bigger than what hit Haiti and is reportedly biggest recorded quake Japan has Ever had, and they've had bad ones [Tokyo, '24 comes to mind]

The Secondary Tsunami was really really bad and All of the Islands of Hawaii are in coast evacuation. Entire West Coast US is on Tsunami Alert

Primary Quake was something like 8.9, Aftershocks have been greater than 7 in their own right.

The Tsunami was 30 ft that hit Japan.
The wave is expected to hit Hawaii within the hour.
Prelim wave heights:

Quote:Measurements or reports of tsunami activity:

Location Lat. Lon. Time Amplitude
------------------------ ----- ------ ------- -----------

Shemya AK 52.7N 174.1E 1038UTC 03.5FT/01.07M
Adak AK 51.9N 176.6W 1112UTC 01.5FT/00.46M
Boso Japan 34.8N 140.8E 0600UTC 02.5FT/00.75M
Naha Japan 26.2N 127.7E 1023UTC 01.5FT/00.46M
Ofunato Japan 39.0N 141.8E 0603UTC 10.7FT/03.25M
Omaezaki Japan 34.6N 138.2E 0809UTC 04.6FT/01.39M
Tokai Japan 33.8N 137.6E 0649UTC 00.8FT/00.23M
Tosashimizu Japan 32.8N 132.9E 0753UTC 03.0FT/00.91M
Kwajalein Marshall Isl 8.7N 167.7E 1049UTC 01.0FT/00.30M
Midway Is. USA 28.2N 177.4W 1044UTC 05.1FT/01.55M
Wake Is. USA 19.3N 166.6E 0918UTC 01.7FT/00.52M
Legaspi Philippines 13.2N 123.8E 1020UTC 01.1FT/00.32M

[COLOR="darkred"]Time - Time of measurement.
Amp. - Tsunami amplitudes are measured relative to normal sea level. It is NOT crest-to-trough wave height. Values are given in both meters (M) and feet (FT).[/COLOR]
Tsunami West Coast warning area:

[Image: wwareaslhvpd9-07.gif]
Tsunami travel times:

[Image: ttvulhvpd9-10.jpg]
Tsunami Adv. #10:


PHP Code:
Measurements or reports of tsunami activity:

Location                   Lat.   Lon.    Time        Amplitude
------------------------  -----  ------  -------     -----------

Shemya  AK                52.7N  174.1E  1130UTC   05.1FT/01.56M
 Adak  AK                  51.9N  176.6W  1223UTC   01.8FT
 Midway Is
.  USA           28.2N  177.4W  1044UTC   05.1FT/01.55M
 Wake Is
.  USA             19.3N  166.6E  0918UTC   01.7FT/00.52M
 Dutch Harbor  AK          53.9N  166.5W  1134UTC   01.6FT
 Naha  Japan               26.2N  127.7E  1022UTC   01.6FT
 Nikolski  AK              52.9N  168.9W  1342UTC   01.9FT
 French Frigate Shoals     23.5N  166.2W  1334UTC   01.8FT
 St Paul Is
.  AK           57.1N  170.3W  1225UTC   02.0FT/00.61M
 Sand Point  AK            55.3N  160.5W  1347UTC   01.1FT
 Nawiliwili Kauai  HI      22.0N  159.4W  1344UTC   02.5FT
 Barbers Point  HI         21.5N  158.0W  1312UTC   02.3FT
 Honolulu Oahu  HI         21.3N  157.9W  1316UTC   02.2FT
 Kahului Maui  HI          20.9N  156.5W  1331UTC   05.7FT
 Hilo  HI                  19.7N  155.1W  1343UTC   03.4FT

Time of measurement.
Amp. - Tsunami amplitudes are measured relative to normal sea levelIt is NOT crest-to-trough wave heightValues are given in both meters (M) and feet (FT). 
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