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Full Version: GREarth Account Sign Up Procedure
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Here's the procedure to sign up for a GREarth account: from GR Mike

Quote:1) Send email to "[email protected]" with your Name, Email Address, Physical Address, and Phone number.

2) When your account is set up, I will reply back with a GREarth ClientID and instructions.

3) Your Trial period will typically be 21 days (maybe a little longer if I have a trip planned).

Here's a link to the GREarth setup program:


It'll copy all the necessary files to your computer and install the correct Direct3D runtime support. This D3D setup step is new and required since GRE is built with a different compiler environment. You won't be able to see any data in GRE until you receive a ClientID. However, you will be able to see the background, navigate the world, etc. Fairly useless until you get to see the data!

Note: I will only set up a few accounts per day. This is so that I can watch the server as the load increases.

anybody get picked yet ?
Yes Mike got me setup yesterday
Yep I just checked my email and also got the code

[Image: 61f5a699.gif]
SHOCKED to see only 2 programs opened and no quick launch. I remember your desktop always being the most cluttered.
you can't even see my background Smile
Are you going to subscribe? Is it worth it?
haven't had time to really look into the program and don't know at this time if I am going to subscribe
[Image: ord2.png]
Hey Mike, I am a previous gr buyer and I emailed you two times over the last 2 months but no word from you.

Just thought I would let you know...
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