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Full Version: Is there any correlation - mathermatical, anecdotal, or otherwise...
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That would support the suggestion that, in terms of landfalls, hurricanes are "attracted to dry areas" - that is to say areas that have had drought. This notion was suggested to me, and I attempted (in vain, the person who suggested this to me is absolutey convinced of their unsupported position) to explain about the seasonal nature of steering currents and the like, but I wondered if there was any correlative analysis out that that plotted hurricane landfalls vs avg. rainfall for the year in that area. Assuming there is in fact no relevance to avg. rainfall, is there a "noob" resource that is easily available that I could point this person to in an effort to explain what steers hurricanes during different parts of the season without being overly scientific?

And four months later....

I think it is completely irrelevent atmospherically. Especially concerning large/intense storms. Everything surrounding a large storm is basically sucked dry by the storm anyway. It won't br drawn into a particularly dry atmospheric area simply because that is all there is surrounding it.
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