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Full Version: Shooting at Fort Hood Army Base
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DJ, I see it ending alot like this for you.
No shock here:
Quote:A senior administration official told NBC News analyst Roger Cressey that the suspect who was in custody was an Army major with an Arabic-sounding name.
Stormlover Wrote:No shock here:

They just said his name and Rank : Major Malik Nadal Hasan , age 39 or 40
This was an terrorist attack
ROLLTIDE Wrote:This was an terrorist attack

Multiple shooters
2 sites on base
Mumbai with sleepers

Major Units
III Corps
1st Cavalry Division
4th Infantry Division
13th Corps Support Command
Operational Test Command (USAOTC)
Police release 2 detained suspects at Ft Hood, manhunt continues for 4th suspect.
I am sick to my stomach. I am wondering if any of the dead had just returned from deployment and were waiting to see their families. I just feel like crying right now. This is more than just a soldier "going postal". Something more to it. Gotta be.
Wind, from what I heard, this shooting happen where soldiers are being processed to go overseas.

The shooter was a shrink who was upset about going to Iraq.
Stormlover Wrote:No shock here:
Can't even stop with the (sarcasm? racism?) at a time like this? Sigh.
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