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Ok, the time has come for my shameless self-promotion. Everyone else seems to do it, so I might as well throw my name in the hat as well.

I have a decent job that pays OK, but I am 110% unhappy. Lately I have been trying in angst to find a way out or at least a 2nd income, so I have turned to photo sales. Eventually I will incorporate a stock photo page on my site, but for now I just want to test the proverbial waters and see how many and how well I sell. So, on that note, I have uploaded quite a few photos to a site called Shutterpoint. If I start to sell some, I will upload more. The prices, in my opinion, are extremely unfair to me, but like I said, I am just testing the waters. So, here is my photo site: SHUTTERPOINT PHOTOS

Prices start as low as $.99, and go up to $25 for the fully licensed versions, although I have not sold any at that price yet. I have been a member for a few months now and have sold about 20, but they all seem to fit the $2.99 range, which isn't exactly going to make me rich. But, like I said, if sales take off, then I will create a stock photos page on my site. I just want to see if it is going to be worth it! Thanks!

- Jeremy
I'm thinking about purchasing some for my office. The bald eagle pictures are awsome. I spent a month working at a shop on the other side of the bridge from Clinton,IA and stayed at a hotel in Davenport. Very nice place and full of bald eagles during the late winter and early spring. Anyway great pictures.
If you buy one, do you get a print out? How big is it?

Does the cost include the print or shipping?
nightrider, that's awesome! I also have many, many more HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE if you would be interested in something different too. If you do, let me know and I can upload them!

Terry, yes I do believe you get printouts on glossy paper. The sizes vary from pic to pic since a lot of them are landscape cropped or normal size. It'll tell you the sizes if you click on any one of those thumbnails.

Thanks for the replies!! Let me know if I can offer up any more information.
Good luck with the sales! Do you have any art shows in your area? I did one earlier this year and my weather photos sold pretty well.
Good Luck, Jeremy! Your work is incredible. I'm sure you'll be successful!
Awesome pics!
Wow! You have incredible talent with a camera!
im looking for a couple for a website
I will set up some rules later with a feed back sub section so we can rate the transactions
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