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Full Version: Hi from NW FL panhandle
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I see there are many of my "neighbors" here from Pensacola, Eglin AFB, Crestview and people I havent even found yet. I'm glad to be here!
I've always been a weather "nut" from the daze I lived in Dover, DE and would sit up allnite watching the snow fall or go out driving during the rare winter weather event Dover had. In NW FL since 1981 I enjoy the almost daily thunderstorms we have. Because I drove a truck and pretty much lived on the road I've missed all the hurricanes we've had except Elena in the 80's and Ivan in 2004, Ivan was kinda scary cuz it was at nite and very loud! Since I'm off the road now I will have to deal with the hurricanes but I'm pretty secure cuz my moms appt is solid brick and has been thru high end cat 3's and my manufactured home is 40 miles inland and has also been thru hi cat 3's.
It will be interesting to see ppls post from hurricne hit areas, hopefully we will all stay safe but a hurricane hit in this area is inevitable.
Welcome to HCW.
Thanks HM
Welcome to HCW from the next county over!
Welcome !

From near Dover, by the way - Chesapeake Bay area in MD
Hi, Welcome from northern Indiana .
Hi there and welcome Big Grin
Hi! Welcome to HCW
Welcome to HCW
I appreciate the warm welcomes!!
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