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Full Version: Austin, TX Local Weather thread
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With record books dating back to 1897, 12 of the last 16 days, Austin has broken record highs, all in the lower to mid 100's, the average high for this time of year is 91F, and the next 3 days appear to be the same. I have never seen a ridge this strong over central Texas.
You are welcome. We had that heat here in LA for almost a month, starting in June. We went 28 days in a row were the temp got above 95F. Of those 18 were above 97F. We broke 5 record highs in Lafayette during this time. So once again you are welcome to keep it.
We also went 24 days with out rain. But in the last week we have about 8".

good luck.

Here is a link to the thread I had going over in the Severe section:
It's hot and it's dry. 17 of the last 18 days have been over 100, and the one that wasn't was 99. 38 days over 100 so far. Hottest 30 day period in Austin history they keep telling us. As far as the drought, it's exceptional.

[Image: tx_dm.png]
It's official, July was HOT

Quote:July 2009 sets record for temperatures

By Juana Summers
Saturday, August 01, 2009

July 2009 goes down as the hottest month ever recorded, Lower Colorado River Authority meteorologist Bob Rose said Friday.

The previous record, with an average daily temperature of 89.1 degrees, was set in July 1860. Last month, daily temperatures averaged 89.5 degrees.

July 2009 had 26 days with temperatures over 100 degrees, and 42 days saw triple-digit highs so far this summer.

Highest temperature on a July day at Camp Mabry: 109 degrees, July 27, 1954

July 2009 rainfall total at Camp Mabry: 0.25 inches

Normal rainfall total: 1.97 inches
And it keeps getting worse. Our local weather guy was talking about how it only is gonna take 17 more days over 100 degrees to break the record for the most days over 100 in a summer.
We've had 44 days of 100+ so far at Austin Mabry. Last year was 50, record is 69, average is 11-12... If August is as hot as July, we *might* break that 69 this year...

Hope not tho.
Dang you guys are hurting in Austin:eek:
We have been Lucky up here in Dallas with a little rain lately
Looking for another shot later this week
We're up to 60 days over 100 at Mabry and if it gets over 100 at Bergstrom (it should, it's already 99 there) we'll have 48 there.

Forecast is for a chance of rain tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it.

Monday we start once a week watering....
And yet another record high for Austin, 105F, cooler weather expected mid to late week, with highs 10F cooler than today.
Seems like we've cooled off some - highs are 93-96 instead of 99-106.

So far we're at 68 days over 100 at Mabry (record=69) and 55 at Bergstrom (record was 50).

Will we get 2 more days over 100? Dunno, I don't see and super hot weather in the forecast...
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