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Full Version: Clock time on the HCW forum
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Have you noticed that the time on the forum is off by one hour? I've got the time set in my CP at Central Time and selected the option below that to "Automatically detect DST settings". When I post, the post time in the thread shows as 1 hour earlier than my actual local time (CDT) when I made the post.
I noticed, but thought it was just me, as usual.
I have no clue !
Could the clock on the server be wrong? /speechles
I will put it on my list of things to do today Smile thanks again
I noticed, and PMed Rollie about it, but he never responded... I thought it was just me!
I sent you an message on AIM about it
ohhh that explains it, I'm on AIM, much, anymore
I changed the clock time on my cp and wanted to test it here. No info needed Roll.

Well this didn't work, it's 9:20 and the clock is two hours earlier now. I give.
One more time...

Nope it still didn't work.
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