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Full Version: Ever Go Back In Time???
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Thanks to a vacation and nothing other to do (house cleaning and laundry done earlier) I decided to go knobdickin' and read some of my old posts from the past. All the way back to July of 2005 when I got back from Walter Reed in DC. How entertaining. How much drugs were in play? LOL.

I noticed that some of the "old regulars" are gone...Phil, Lola and others. I also realized how in touch we all stayed on a day-to-day basis. The topic didnt even have to include a point. Funny stuff. General, sports, weather, bus trips, cruises, and who in the hell knows what was discussed.

At this point I think I am rambling...but still, pretty neat-o! Some fun nights too!

Hey...if you ever get "that bored" go back and read some of YOUR old posts and see if some make no sense, just like mine. Lol.

Ok, pointless ramble and dribble concluded.
I did........I am actually my own great, great-grandfather (kind of sick I know.....but i do live in Mississippi) and I put bets on all major sporting events since the 40's..........that's why I drive a Ferrari and date supermodels!
At least you didnt drop into a "grundle" rant!!!
I won't anymore. Last time I did that I had to borrow a DeLorean and drive 88 mph just to get back!
Were Lybians involved? And how were their grundles?
Libyans don't have grundles, it's against their religion.
Thanks Panzer, that was very educational..lol
Hey...dont blame the grundles on me!!! I am responsible for my own...er...hmmmmm. Moving on!
StormRider Wrote:Libyans don't have grundles, it's against their religion.

what about lesbians???
panzer304 Wrote:At least you didnt drop into a "grundle" rant!!!

I kind of wish i didn't know what they were either...it made me sick reading my own post!
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