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Full Version: Swift Wx 3.0 beta test
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Swift Weather just emailed me this today...
Swift Weather Pro is about to begin the beta testng.
If you are a current user of SW Pro; they may be contacting you this week.
Fifty people will be selected. Check it out.

Beta starts 12 noon Tomorrow
It's about time V3 is ready for testing.
today is the day !!!
Weather Defender?
Kind of cheesy, but lets see what it has to offer.
Honestly, given a slight bias on my side, I think it's a good name. Considering it's essentially a totally new program, it really deserves a new name. Should be interesting to see what the beta testers think.

Just my 2 cents.

How soon before we get to Beta test it ?
it's out and screen shots will be posted later
Very nice program but the screen shots will have to wait
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